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Smart homes
Bright Solutions Electronic offers smart home systems from the world’s best smart technology companies that include equipment for controlling light, temperature, and blinds.

Bright Solutions Electronic provides customers with great home control and lighting capabilities. Thanks to smart solutions, you can now realize the most exciting design ideas. Our company undertakes all engineering calculations, installation, equipment selection and scenario creation in Smart Home.

Cameras for home or office (CCTV)
Monitor your home and your children from anywhere in the world through the best surveillance cameras at Bright Solutions Electronic. The camera is installed in a literal way and a professional angle chosen by the engineers on the ground and then drawn on the plans.
Sound system
We have the best types of headphones to play radio and music through mobile phones

The places for installing the speakers are chosen according to the sound dimension appropriate for the sound spread.

You can know who is in front of your house and who wants to enter from anywhere in the world So that the bell rings on your mobile at the same moment that the visitor or the delivery person presses the doorbell.
WiFi for all home
Bright Solutions Electronic has the best practical solutions to cover the whole house with the Internet under one name and at high speed for all electronic devices.
Smart Gate
Bright Solutions Electronic has the best types of electronic locks and doors that can open and close the door from anywhere through the mobile.
Cameras for the car
The camera is installed inside the car to talk with your children and tell the driver any new details

About us

Bright Solution Electronics is for selling smart Electronics gadgets and technology, Based and licensed in Abu Dhabi. Established 2009.

We came up with the idea to bring the latest world technology with high quality and reasonable price, easy-to-use smart products that fit your needs

Our Vision

Is to develop high-quality products that are easy to use and have the features customers care about at a reasonable price.

We believe that new technology is should be for everyone. We’re passionate about providing customers access to high-quality products at great prices.

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